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BP&R has successfully handled over 7,000 projects for a wide range of industries, including Food Processing, Infant Formula, Dairy, Chemical, Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Utility, Waste Water, Battery, and Brewery industries.

Repeat Business is not only our main business, it is also the business that we are most proud of. We have provided significant, continuing contracts for over 30 years with our largest clients.

Our reputation is that we take care of our clients and are capable of handling the most difficult of tasks.

Past Projects

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil / Structural Engineering
Automation Engineering
Safety & Environmental Engineering
Validation Services
Construction Management
Computerized Design / Drafting
Staff Augmentation
Project Cost (in millions)
Coal-Fired Power Plant: Pollution control, plant performance, and reliability upgrades in preparation for electrical deregulation   $800
400 MW Gas Electric Generating Plant: Electrical and mechanical construction and testing support management             $400
Gas Compressor Station: Entire new Plant - Natural Gas Compressor Plant for Utility company. $50
Nine Chemical Reactors:  Fast track process expansion for automated control of process and services, utility expansions, and validation       $24
Specialty Products Dryer Facility: State-of-the-art technology for drying and routing of specialty infant formulas     $20
Six Power Generating Facilities: Distributed control system replacements, testing and startup             $17
Nine Chemical Reactors and Hydrogenators: Fast track process expansion adding automated control of process and services, plant and utility expansions, and validation   $15
Packaging Lines for Infant Formula: Major building modification, power handling interfaces, 7 fillers, packaging equipment interfaces, and dust collection               $10
Process Expansion: Eight chemical reactors with automated control services, power, drying/handling, and utility expansions   $9
Equipment Qualification Services: Validation process enhancements, protocol development, factory acceptance testing (domestic and overseas)                   $5
Staff Augmentation Positions: Varied disciplines including scheduling and computer programming                   $5
Power Generating Station Monitoring System:  Plant-wide computer upgrade of the critical function monitoring system           $4.5
HVAC Systems: Six-controlled atmosphere HVAC systems for Pharmaceutical milling and product handling       $4.4
Chemical Storage and Sampling Facility: Design, construction management and commissioning services     $4.1
Process Expansion: Crystallizer upgrade, filter/dryer installation, isolation room, drum filling/ material handling system, and PLC control system     $4
Process Upgrade: Crystallizers, Heinkel centrifuge, isolation room and Foxboro I/O DCS     $3.5
Electrical Circuit Analysis and Review: Computer software enhanced analysis                 $3
Packaging Lines: Tetra brick and Combiblock juice packaging lines with PLC based control systems           $3
Fire protection: Programs and training                 $3
Slush Molding Hot Oil System: Design/build fast track retrofit.  Production capacity increased by 80% and reduced yearly maintenance costs by more than $1M       $1.9
Process Vent Collection and Condensing System: Department of Environmental Quality requirements for chemical reactors         $2.3
Hydrogenation Reactors: Process Expansion     $1.6
Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride Distribution System: First of its kind in use at U.S. Pharmaceutical facility.   $1.6
Confections Processing Line and Material Handling             $1.5
850 MW Turbine Generator Monitoring Systems               $1.2
Industrial Powerhouse Feedwater Upgrade             $1.2
Nitrogen Generation System: Interface design               $1.0
Process Automation Upgrade: Foxboro intelligent automation DCS             $1.0
Electrical Equipment and Instrumentation: Review and qualification               $1.0
Electrical Distribution Upgrades: Plant wide, including load studies, short circuit analysis, reliability studies, 8 MVA transformer and multiple 1 MVA transformer replacements, cable and breaker replacements               $1.0
Industrial Boilers and Thermal Oxidizer Systems: Ten years of technical support for operations and maintenance             $.9
Feedwater System: Instrumentation upgrades             $.75
Groundwater Remediation System: Department of Environmental Quality requirements           $.6
Technical Support: Large chemical facility:  Ten years assisting maintenance department                   $.6
Solvent Storage and Transfer facility     $.6
CIP System: Retrofit CIP system for a large box dryer system         $.35
Backup Safety Instrumentation System: Retrofit backup safety instrumentation system in accordance with ISA standard S84.01-1996 for chemical facility           $.3
As-Built Drawing Development: Vessels and piping to comply with OSHA process safety management program                 $.25
Equipment Qualification Services: Protocol development and execution for existing equipment               $.25